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Re: Origin 3.6 on CentOS - looking for wrong package names?

Did you set 

openshift_deployment_type: origin 

In your inventory/vars?

On Aug 29, 2017, at 5:15 PM, Jamie Duncan <jduncan redhat com> wrote:

Hi, everyone.

I'm setting up Origin 3.6 on CentOS 7.3.1611 using the CentOS PaaS SIG repos using the interactive installer. 

The issue I'm hitting is:

The installer verification process looks for package names as they exist in RHEL, e.g:


This fails because the packages created seem to be named 'origin-*' instead of 'atomic-openshift-*'. There is a similar failure for required container images.

I disabled these checks temporarily, and got a similar failure on play 9, which looks for atomic-openshift-docker-excluder instead of origin-docker-excluder. 

A quick search through the playbooks seem to indicate these aren't fed in as parameters, but are set in multiple places. 

Is there a workaround / fix in process or planned for this, or am I doing something wrong?




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