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Re: oc cluster up and oauth-proxy

When you ran oc cluster up, did you explicitly set the master to run on, or did it select that address for you?

OAuth won’t work when the master is set to (nor will a number of other functions)

On Dec 11, 2017, at 6:38 AM, Simon Pasquier <spasquie redhat com> wrote:


I've played with oauth-proxy [1] on my local OpenShift cluster (eg oc cluster up). The first thing I've tried was the sidecar example [2] in the contrib directory but to make it work, I had to tweak the CLI arguments of the proxy. In practice, I've added the following options:

(the last one is only required to use openshift-sar)

Without these changes, the oauth proxy couldn't authenticate clients because there is a discrepancy between the OAuth endpoints exposed by the Openshift API and the public certificate (see oauth logs at [3]).

Is that expected? Did I miss some documentation?

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