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Several questions about authorization


I have several questions about user and authorization management.

1, How could I remove user from project?


[root host-10-1-236-92 gpu-test]# oc login -u test1 -p test1
Login successful.

You have access to the following projects and can switch between them with 'oc project <projectname>':

  * aura

Using project "aura".
[root host-10-1-236-92 gpu-test]# oc project aura
Already on project "aura" on server "".
[root host-10-1-236-92 gpu-test]# oc get rolebindings
Error from server (Forbidden): User "test1" cannot list rolebindings in project "aura"

How should I remove user "test1" from project "aura"?

And how could I find which users belongs to project "aura"?

2, basic-user

    When should "basic-user" be used? It seems that basic-user is cluster wide. Is my understanding right?

3, user created automatically

    When issues the instructions "oc login -u test2 -p test2", user "test2" is to be created automatically.

    After user creation, which project does created user belong to?


Jared, (韦煜)
Software developer
Interested in open source software, big data, Linux

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