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Re: OpenShift Origin Quickstart error: getsockopt: no route to host on a VM

The system can't connect to the service IP. Have you read through the networking troubleshooting docs? They're a good place to start.


The error is generic enough that you have to troubleshoot starting at the top. While annoying, if your goal is to learn it's a pretty good starting point!

On Dec 23, 2017 4:13 PM, "Gaurav Ojha" <gauravojha gmail com> wrote:

I am currently trying to learn more about OpenShift Origin, and have a CentOS VM deployed on VMWare Fusion. I got the OpenShift Origin server installed and running following the OpenShift Quickstart guides. However, when I try to deploy the test application, I get the following error during deployment.

Inline image 1

I also get the following message when adding the new-app

oc new-app openshift/deployment-example    
--> Found Docker image 1c839d8 (2 years old) from Docker Hub for "openshift/deployment-example"    
    * An image stream will be created as "deployment-example:latest" that will track this image    
    * This image will be deployed in deployment config "deployment-example"    
    * Port 8080/tcp will be load balanced by service "deployment-example"    
      * Other containers can access this service through the hostname "deployment-example"    
    * WARNING: Image "openshift/deployment-example" runs as the 'root' user which may not be permitted by your cluster administrator

--> Creating resources ...
    imagestream "deployment-example" created
    deploymentconfig "deployment-example" created
    service "deployment-example" created
--> Success
    **WARNING: No Docker registry has been configured with the server. Automatic builds and deployments may not function.**
I would really appreciate it if someone can tell me what needs to be done to get it deployed successfully on my VM? I am not sure if the above warning message has got anything to do with the problem.

I was suggested to try MiniShift if my primary aim was to just deploy it in a VM. However, my purpose is to better understand OpenShift Origin as I will be exposed to a production environment in the coming weeks and will need to deploy it on an organization level scale. I would really like to understand why this error occurs and how to go about rectifying it.

Thanks and Regards

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