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Openshift M5 Offline install

Working on getting Openshift M5 to install and run offline and running into trouble with the app containers. Currently using 1.4 with 1.4.1 system containers.
This document for the origin install seems to say that there are a few variables that need to be set in order to point the installer to an alternate docker registry:
"If you need to use a private registry to pull these images during the installation, you can specify the registry information ahead of time. For the advanced installation method, you can set the following Ansible variables in your inventory file, as required:"
However if you search the ansible installer code on GitHub the variables that are specified do not seem to exist in the code. If you search for the end of the variables, i.e. docker_insecure_registries, you find there is a variable in the code openshift_docker_insecure_registries. 
Setting either the variables in the documentation or in the code in the ansible hosts file still does not stop the ansible installer from attempting to pull from registry.access.redhat.com and failing.

The Openshift Enterprise documentation has a whole document not present in Origin on disconnected installs:
This specifies the rather odd procedure of docker pulling all the containers, saving them, docker loading, retagging them and pushing them into the internal registry. Then you must modify the image stream files in /etc/origin/examples and make sure that the internal registry is the one that is specified to get the image from. Then you can run an oc replace to make sure openshift is aware of the new configs, with something like so:

oc replace -n openshift -f /etc/origin/examples/image-streams/image-streams-centos7.json

In addition we have changed all the example app sources to point to our own private git server hosting the example apps code.

Despite trying all of this we still cannot get containers to spin up on an offline system. When we try doing so The front overview for an app like cakephp says no deployments, A new deployment will start automatically when an image is available

You can force a deployment by going to applications --> deployments --> cakephpexample and clicking deploy. But it still fails. 

Under Pods cakephp-mysql-example-1-deploy is run but cakephp-mysql-example-1-hook-pre encounters an error: 
Error syncing pod, skipping: failed to "StartContainer" for "lifecycle" with ErrImagePull: "couldn't parse image reference \" \": invalid reference format"
Comparing the image stream files of my working online Openshift and not working offline Openshift files there is no difference aside from addition of the specification of the internal registry, nothing that should cause it to try to pull \" \".

Any suggestions on how to get this system function without an internet connection?

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