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Cannot get policybindings Error

I had the same error as described in a previous post: https://lists.openshift.redhat.com/openshift-archives/users/2016-January/msg00056.html 
I found that indeed it is linked to a login problem.  I also though that I was logged as "system:admin", but was actually "system" with password = "admin".  Problem is that the login looks good, the errors come with subsequent commands ... (=>error prone)

Worse, the oc login man page is not very helpful in this case: https://www.mankier.com/1/oc-login   The light came from https://docs.openshift.com/enterprise/3.0/cli_reference/get_started_cli.html#cli-configuration-files 

The configuration file in ~/.kube/config  The one that get created in /root/ when you run minishift with sudo and that is not seen when you run oc as a normal user ...
Once I copied the /root/.kube/config in ~/.kube/config I was able to connect

Hope it helps

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