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Re: Cannot get policybindings Error

Actually running as sudo was not the key to the problem.  
The issue seems to have been corporate proxy and stale kvm images.
You can check with:
sudo virsh list --all
sudo virsh destroy XXXXXX
sudo virsh undefine XXXXXX


On Tue, Feb 7, 2017 at 11:49 PM Bruno Vernay <brunovern a gmail com> wrote:
I had the same error as described in a previous post: https://lists.openshift.redhat.com/openshift-archives/users/2016-January/msg00056.html 
I found that indeed it is linked to a login problem.  I also though that I was logged as "system:admin", but was actually "system" with password = "admin".  Problem is that the login looks good, the errors come with subsequent commands ... (=>error prone)

Worse, the oc login man page is not very helpful in this case: https://www.mankier.com/1/oc-login   The light came from https://docs.openshift.com/enterprise/3.0/cli_reference/get_started_cli.html#cli-configuration-files 

The configuration file in ~/.kube/config  The one that get created in /root/ when you run minishift with sudo and that is not seen when you run oc as a normal user ...
Once I copied the /root/.kube/config in ~/.kube/config I was able to connect

Hope it helps

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