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CAS authentication examples

Hi all,

I want to use CAS authentication, it seems there is no CAS support in openshift.

El 12/11/2015, a las 20:30, Jordan Liggitt <jliggitt redhat com> escribió:

There is not direct support for SAML. OpenShift supports authentication using an authenticating proxy, which could enable indirect SAML support (via Apache+mod_auth_mellon, for example).

Note that would only work for browser clients. The CLI would not be able to log in using SAML. Users would have to obtain a token via the web interface and take it back to the CLI to use.

Is there any examples for CAS authentication using authenticating proxy?


Yuhao Fang
No.24 South Section 1, Yihuan Road
Sichuan University
Chengdu, 610064
People's Republic of China
fangyuhao gmail com

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