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Pipelines: where to build?


I've been exploring the different ways to use a pipeline build strategy in OpenShift (enterprise, 3.4) and I keep running into the same issue:
- either I build my application in an other OpenShift buildconfig (sti) but I have no way to retrieve JUnit testing reports in Jenkins, leaving me kind of blind when things fail
- or I build my (Java 8, Gradle) application in Jenkins, get the benefits of being able to parse JUnit XMLs etc, but have to jump through hoops to get my build artifact into a deployable container image without running the build twice

What I'm doing/planning to do now is to:
- build in Jenkins
- upload the artifact to our Artifactory server
- use a custom sti builder that just downloads the artifact from Artifactory

But this seems weird? Ideally I would be able to 'unstash' Jenkins artifacts in my STI build, or extract build artifacts *from* an STI build?

If you have tried one of these options, please let my know your experiences, so I can find the right flow.

Kind Regards,


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