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cannot see Logs or use Terminal in latest

OK, I'm almost back to where I was when I had things working.

I was using an older version and starting with "oc cluster up", I am now using the latest builds and starting with "openshift start".

But if I go to any pod's Logs tab in the UI console, I see this:

   "Logs are not available. The logs are no longer available or could not be loaded."

If I try to use the Terminal (in the UI terminal tab) I see this:

   "Could not connect to the container. Do you have sufficient privileges?"

I am logged into the UI console as a user that is given cluster-admin role - so I assume I should be able to see everything.

I used to be able to see these in the older versions I was using (when I was using oc cluster up). But now I can't.

Am I missing a role or some permission?


oc v1.5.0-alpha.3+2d20080-23
kubernetes v1.5.2+43a9be4
openshift v1.5.0-alpha.3+2d20080-23

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