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Fencing and pod guarantees

I've read some discussions on fencing and pod guarantees. Most of them are related to stateful sets, e.g. https://github.com/kubernetes/community/blob/master/contributors/design-proposals/pod-safety.md and related threads.
Anyway, I couldn't find an answer to the following questions...

Suppose I create a DeploymentConfig (so, no statefulsets) with replicas=1. After a pod is scheduled on some node, that node is disconnected from the cluster (I block all communications with the master).
After some time, the DC/RC tries to delete that pod and reschedule a new pod on another node.

For what I've understood, if now I reconnect the failing node, the Kubelet will read the cluster status and effectively delete the old pod, but, before that moment, both pods were running in their respective nodes and the old pod was allowed to access external resources (e.g. if the network still allowed communication with them).

Is this scenario possible?
Is there a mechanism by which a disconnected node can tear down its pods automatically after a certain timeout?
Is fencing implemented/going-to-be-implemented for normal pods, even if they don't belong to stateful sets?


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