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Build from github doesn't start

I have a pretty newly built test installation of openshift that is giving me a problem.


When I try to use one of the example node4 builds, it hangs immediately after (apparently) cloning the repo.


This is shown in the logs for about 10 minutes before giving up:


Using HTTP proxy http://proxy.ag.qua.availity.net:8080 and HTTPS proxy http://proxy.ag.qua.availity.net:8080 for script download

Cloning "https://github.com/openshift/nodejs-ex.git" ...

      Commit:     f12494cff0ee3a347551e288782d95019df124d8 (Merge pull request #128 from coreydaley/bugzilla_1365656_github_webhook_descri..)

      Author:     Ben Parees <bparees users noreply github com>

      Date: Sun Jun 25 23:27:32 2017 -0400


How do I tell what it is hung on?





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