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Re: no mcrypt in s2i-php

On Tue, Jul 18, 2017 at 6:26 PM, Piotr Baranowski <piotr baranowski osec pl> wrote:
Is there any reason for the s2i-php-builder not to contain the mcrypt library and php-mcrypt extension?

It is very popular and I'd say crucial to majority of LAMP apps. 

I had to recreate a s2i-php image so it contains the missing php packages, but still, I'd like to understand why.

It comes down to what packages our SCL team is able to package/maintain.  If there's an SCL package for it, it should be easy to include in the image, otherwise it will need to be packaged so we can properly build+maintain/support it.

Note that there's already an issue open requesting this particular package:

I'm also copying Honza who leads the SCL team responsible for the images.


best regards
Piotr Baranowski

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