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getting sso running

I've trying to get sso (keycloak) running, using minishift as an initial example.
For instance, using this template:


There's some information [1,2] that relates to OpenShift enterprise, but its not clear exactly what's needed in terms of service accounts and secrets etc. and I keep hitting problems.

Is there any description of how to get this running on OpenShift Origin or Minishift that can be used as a starting point?


1. https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-us/red_hat_jboss_middleware_for_openshift/3/html-single/red_hat_jboss_sso_for_openshift/ 2. https://docs.openshift.com/enterprise/3.1/using_images/xpaas_images/sso.html#quickstart-example-using-the-sso-xpaas-image-with-the-sso-enabled-jboss-eap-xpaas-image

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