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Configuring custom certs

I'm trying to work out how to deploy custom certificates so that the OS console doesn't complain about untrested certs.
I've obtained certificates using Let's Encrypt, so have the following files:
cert.pem chain.pem fullchaim.pem privkey.pem

Now I try to update my master-config.yaml to use these.
I was thinking that the minimum needed would be to edit:

assetConfig.ServingInfo.certFile to point to fullchain.pem

assetConfig.ServingInfo.keyFile to point to privkey.pem

and leave assetConfig.ServingInfo.clientCA as empty.

I made no other changes.

Unfortunately this does not work. oc cluster up fails badly without saying much that is useful:

Starting OpenShift using openshift/origin:v3.6.0-rc.0 ...
-- Checking OpenShift client ... OK
-- Checking Docker client ... OK
-- Checking Docker version ... OK
-- Checking for existing OpenShift container ...
  Deleted existing OpenShift container
-- Checking for openshift/origin:v3.6.0-rc.0 image ... OK
-- Checking Docker daemon configuration ... OK
-- Checking for available ports ... OK
-- Checking type of volume mount ...
  Using nsenter mounter for OpenShift volumes
-- Creating host directories ... OK
-- Finding server IP ...
  Using as the server IP
-- Starting OpenShift container ...
  Starting OpenShift using container 'origin'
  Error: could not start OpenShift container "origin"
  No log available from "origin" container

Any pointers to how to do this correctly?


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