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Re: Health check of API-server and HA-proxy

Hi Per Carlson.

on Freitag, 28. Juli 2017 at 13:19 was written:

> We are using an external load balancer in front of both the
> API-server and the HA-proxies, and need some form of health checks to achieve HA.
> The API-server has got /healthz and /healthz/ready endpoints, what
> the difference?​ Could any of those be used (and which is
> recommended), or are there better choices?
> There is a /healthz endpoint in HA-proxy on port 1936, but it isn't
> exposed outside the cluster and requires a password (which is unique
> per dc). What else could be used? We would like to stay as close as
> "stock configuration" as possible to reduce technical dept.

For the HAProxy have we added the 1936 port on the router nodes in the 
iptables chain OS_FIREWALL_ALLOW and configured the LB to check 

> ​What are the recommended ways to do health checking of those components? 

Best Regards

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