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Re: Backup of databases on OpenShift

My personal feeling is that I would, for at least MySQL/MariaDB & PostgreSQL, setup replication with compression to a non-cluster hosted DB.  Preferably, your ODW/DW DB instance(s) or maybe a staging DB.  With compression, you ship relatively small logs over the wire.




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On Thu, Jun 8, 2017 at 7:46 AM, Jens Geiregat <jens geiregat gmail com> wrote:

We recently set up an OpenShift Enterprise cloud and we're wondering what the best practices are for backing up databases running in an OpenShift cloud. I will focus on PostgreSQL here, but the same goes for MongoDB, MariaDB...

- Should we rely on backups of the persistent volumes (we're using NFS)? This would mean assuming the on-disk state is always recoverable. Which it *should* be, but it does feel like a hack...
- Should we have an admin-level oc script that filters out all running database containers and does some 'oc exec pg_dump ... > backup.sql' magic on them?
- Should we provide some simple templates to our users that contain nothing but a cron script that calls pg_dump?

Please share your solutions?

Kind Regards,


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