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Using OpenShift to deploy binary fat-jars to test environment from CI/CD server

Hi. I'm evaluating OpenShift 3 to use it in my CI/CD infrastructure (I have just some past experience with OpenShift 2). Currently Jenkins builds fat-jars (Spring Boot) and deploy it to Nexus. Later on in the pipeline they are deployed to test environment and some smoke testing is run. I would like to have those µservices deployed in OpenShift to have better resource utilization - there are ~200 different µservices and usually there are 0 to 60 deployed on test environment in the 
same time. Having one big instance or manual sharding is quite problematic. fat-jars are already build and I just need to deploy it (no pipelines on the OS part, etc.). Therefore, I have two questions.

Technically, currently I have a Git repo with Dockerfile extending a fabric8/java-alpine-openjdk8-jdk image, exposing a port and downloading a JAR from Nexus (built with a docker strategy). It works in general, however, it seems to be quite generic solution. I could probably also create a custom imagestream based on aforementioned image and create different services with a JAR passed as an environment.

1. What do you thing in general about the idea to use OpenShift just for scaling up and down a number of total service instances (to reduce resource utilization)? Can OpenShift be easily used for that or maybe you see some caveats?
2. What is the easiest (or recommended) way just deploy a binary fat-jar to OpenShift (as described in my case)?


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