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Re: Getting "error: unexpected EOF" while checking logs on a single pod

Hi G. Jones.

on Sonntag, 11. Juni 2017 at 00:01 was written:

> I have a pod that's constantly restarting (Hawkular Metrics), pretty much
> every day. I'm trying to keep an eye on the logs for that specific pod in
> order to catch the events leading up to the restart so I use:
> $ oc logs -f hawkular-metrics-j2q0a
> And allow it to just run in the hopes that the next time it restarts I'll
> see what caused it. The problem I'm running into is that it seems that if
> nothing is written to the logs for some length of time the command stops
> with "error: unexpected EOF" and just exits. 

What's the output of

oc --loglevel=9 logs -f hawkular-metrics-j2q0a

oc logs -p hawkular-metrics-j2q0a
oc describe po hawkular-metrics-j2q0a

> Is this by design? Is there something that can be tweaked to stop this from
> happening?

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Best Regards

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