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OpenShift build from git repo


I am trying to initialise an OpenShift build from a git repository
using an ssh-key as as secret:

    $ oc new-build --name=modelingweb
git bitbucket org:genettasoft/gs_modelling_web.git --build-secret

But it seems like my git url is not recognised as a git url:

    error: no match for "git bitbucket org:genettasoft/gs_modelling_web.git"

    The 'oc new-build' command will match arguments to the following types:

      1. Images tagged into image streams in the current project or
the 'openshift' project
         - if you don't specify a tag, we'll add ':latest'
      2. Images in the Docker Hub, on remote registries, or on the
local Docker engine
      3. Git repository URLs or local paths that point to Git repositories

    --allow-missing-images can be used to force the use of an image
that was not matched

    See 'oc new-build -h' for examples.

What am I missing?

// Jonathan Alvarsson

Ps. I have also posted this on

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