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Re: Pod unable to connect with service IP

Try connecting to the pod IP directly to see if the pod is accepting connections properly (check to make sure it's not binding only to

On 06. 03. 2017 14:57, Vignesh M.P.N. wrote:
Thanks for the reply. There is some progress but not working yet. When I used the environment variable, it does resolve the Service IP address, but still unable to connect to host. Following is the error message I receive inside the pod.

Command executed: # cluster-cli server-add --cluster=$COUCHBASE_CLUSTER_SERVICE_HOST:8091

Unable to connect to host

Following are some relevant environment variables I saw inside the pod. The service name "couchbase-cluster"

I wonder why is it not able to connect to the service using the Service IP address. Any help is much appreciated.


On Mon, Mar 6, 2017 at 6:54 AM, Marko Lukša <marko luksa gmail com> wrote:

On 06. 03. 2017 12:04, Vignesh M.P.N. wrote:
Is there any alternative approach on how I could refer to an existing service without using it Service IP?

If I understood correctly, you're connecting to "couchbase-master-service:8091". You should try connecting to the IP instead of the hostname. If your service is called "couchbase-master-service", you can obtain the IP from the COUCHBASE_MASTER_SERVICE_SERVICE_HOST environment variable (mind the double SERVICE!). The environment variable is available inside the pod.


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