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Re: S2i Build in NEW status a long time

[root ocmaster01 ~]# oc get pods 
NAME                               READY     STATUS      RESTARTS   AGE
spring-boot-application-10-build   0/1       Completed   0          5h
spring-boot-builder-13-build       0/1       Completed   0          5h
spring-boot-builder-7-build        0/1       Completed   0          10h
spring-boot-builder-9-build        0/1       Completed   0          9h
[root ocmaster01 ~]# oc get build
NAME                                TYPE      FROM          STATUS     STARTED          DURATION
search-word-applicatioin-1          Source    Git f2053e1   Complete   11 weeks ago     3m3s
search-word-applicatioin-2          Source    Git 319c080   Complete   11 weeks ago     2m59s
search-word-applicatioin-3          Source    Git 2055dcd   Complete   11 weeks ago     2m52s
search-word-applicatioin-4          Source    Git 0f1e19d   Complete   10 days ago      6m51s
spring-boot-application-1           Source    Git fe3c5f1   Complete   3 months ago     3m58s
spring-boot-application-10          Source    Git 5402239   Complete   5 hours ago      3m23s
spring-boot-application-13          Source    Git develop   New        21 seconds ago   21s
spring-boot-application-2           Source    Git 418ad9e   Complete   3 months ago     2m36s
spring-boot-application-3           Source    Git 22088ea   Complete   3 months ago     3m35s
spring-boot-application-4           Source    Git d1d6165   Complete   3 months ago     2m30s
spring-boot-application-5           Source    Git dd74f58   Failed     8 weeks ago      46s
spring-boot-application-6           Source    Git dd74f58   Complete   8 weeks ago      2m48s
spring-boot-bizcaptcha-1            Source    Git 718a555   Complete   10 days ago      4m17s
spring-boot-bizcaptcha-2            Source    Git 1b45fa3   Complete   10 days ago      5m31s
spring-boot-bizcaptcha-3            Source    Git 3012a77   Complete   10 days ago      3m58s
spring-boot-bizcaptcha-builder-1    Docker    Git e892b9a   Complete   10 days ago      3m19s
spring-boot-builder-1               Docker    Git 1ff6b25   Complete   3 months ago     6s
spring-boot-builder-13              Docker    Git 7dbd899   Complete   5 hours ago      1m27s
spring-boot-builder-2               Docker    Git 350dd6e   Complete   3 months ago     3m41s
spring-boot-builder-3               Docker    Git master    Failed     8 weeks ago      3s
spring-boot-builder-4               Docker    Git 2722e69   Complete   8 weeks ago      2m55s
spring-boot-builder-5               Docker    Git 8a146b8   Complete   8 weeks ago      4m12s
spring-boot-builder-7               Docker    Git 7dbd899   Complete   10 hours ago     6m11s
spring-boot-builder-9               Docker    Git 7dbd899   Complete   9 hours ago      4m39s
spring-boot-config-builder-1        Docker    Git 3b369a5   Complete   8 weeks ago      4m34s
spring-boot-hb-builder-1            Docker    Git 24d3621   Complete   5 weeks ago      9m34s
spring-boot-hb-builder-2            Docker    Git e892b9a   Complete   5 weeks ago      3m54s
spring-boot-heartbeat-1             Source    Git d8a882c   Complete   5 weeks ago      5m38s
spring-boot-heartbeat-2             Source    Git d8a882c   Complete   5 weeks ago      5m16s
spring-boot-jdk8-alipay-1           Source    Git 8c2cd92   Complete   8 weeks ago      2m54s
spring-boot-jdk8-alipay-2           Source    Git 8c7ccfa   Failed     8 weeks ago      20s

No build pod found and I can’t run oc logs bc/mybuild
spring-boot-application-13 still at  NEW status..
I think the build staus was loop 


a minute ago  Mar 17, 2017 10:08 PM
waiting for one hour, 25 minutes
Triggered By:
Manual build

在 2017年3月17日,下午9:40,Ben Parees <bparees redhat com> 写道:

oc get pods 

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