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Re: Prune Images references wrong registry ip address

During pruning we assume all images are stored in the internal registry and
that works in 99% of cases [1]. It looks like you've changed the registry
somewhere in the middle, and that's why in your case this is not working
as expected (iow. at least one image pointing to the old registry IP).
Can you open an issue with the description of your situation and
ping me there (soltysh on gh). For now I can recommend using --registry-url
flag which will tell the pruning mechanism which IP it should use instead of
the autodiscovery mechanism.


On Sun, Mar 19, 2017 at 5:51 PM, Dean Peterson <peterson dean gmail com> wrote:
[root openshift ~]# oc project default
Now using project "default" on server "https://openshift.abecorn.com:8443".
[root openshift ~]# oc get services
NAME              CLUSTER_IP      EXTERNAL_IP   PORT(S)                 SELECTOR                  AGE
docker-registry   <none>        5000/TCP                docker-registry=default   216d
kubernetes      <none>        443/TCP,53/UDP,53/TCP   <none>                    1y
router      <none>        80/TCP                  router=router             1y
[root openshift ~]# docker login -u info abecorn com -e info abecorn com -p Sx8h7d5CVjFtvCb4Oz2Uhg-hnFBiF7_RHSoG2IP05-E
WARNING: login credentials saved in /root/.docker/config.json
Login Succeeded
[root openshift ~]# oadm prune images --keep-tag-revisions=3 --keep-younger-than=60m --confirm
error: error communicating with registry: Get dial tcp no route to host

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