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Re: "Application is not available" Post 1.5 Upgrade

Hi Rahul.

Am Tue, 2 May 2017 17:30:34 -0400
schrieb Rahul Agarwal <rahul334481 gmail com>:

> Hi Team,
> I upgraded from 1.4.1 to 1.5 version and after successful upgrade the
> webpage shows below error which was fine earlier.
> Application is not available
> The application is currently not serving requests at this endpoint.
> It may not have been started or is still starting.
> Possible reasons you are seeing this page:
>    - *The host doesn't exist.* Make sure the hostname was typed
> correctly and that a route matching this hostname exists.
>    - *The host exists, but doesn't have a matching path.* Check if
> the URL path was typed correctly and that the route was created using
> the desired path.
>    - *Route and path matches, but all pods are down.* Make sure that
> the resources exposed by this route (pods, services, deployment
> configs, etc) have at least one pod running.
> Any help is appreciated.

please can you post the output of.

oc export route <your-route>
oc describe pod <your application pod>
oc logs <your application pod>
oc get events
oc get pod -n default
oc rsh -n default <one of your router pod> cat haproxy.config

> Thanks,
> Rahul

Best regards
Aleksandar Lazic - ME2Digital e. U.

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