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Re: Pod Deployment with Memory Request and Limits

On Thu, May 4, 2017 at 3:55 AM, Barış Aydınöz <baris hazelcast com> wrote:

Suppose we have 100 GB available on a node [only node that is scheduled]

And we want to assure deployment of at most 10 Pods all of them java applications and we limit max heap size as 2 GB, with below config segment:

      cpu:      2
      memory:   10Gi
      cpu:              2
      memory:           10Gi

As far as I understand, requested 10GB for a java application will contain approximately `heap space[limited to 2 GB] + native memory + metaspace`, is it correct?

Limit/Request of 10Gi simply means that the container can use 10Gi of memory irrespective of whatever way it decides to use.

Is it possible for Openshift to deploy more than 10 Pods to the node?

No. But you need to make sure that for 10 pods with 2 cpu each, atleast 20 cpu is available too so that cpu requirements are also satisfied by the node.
Thanks in advance

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