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Re: 'oc new-app -f openshift/templates/nodejs.json' fails

2017-05-05 18:24 GMT+02:00 David VOGEL <David Vogel raytheon com>:
        Thank you for responding. Here is the information you requested:

$ oc status -v
In project test on server

http://nodejs-example-test.router.default.svc.cluster.local (svc/nodejs-example)
  dc/nodejs-example deploys istag/nodejs-example:latest <-
    bc/nodejs-example source builds https://github.com/openshift/nodejs-ex.git on openshift/nodejs:4
      not built yet
    deployment #1 waiting on image or update

  * The image trigger for dc/nodejs-example will have no effect until istag/nodejs-example:latest is imported or created\
 by a build.
  * istag/nodejs-example:latest needs to be imported or created by a build.
    try: oc start-build nodejs-example

$ oc get is -n openshift
No resources found.
# NOTE: my  docker-registry is running in the 'default' namespace of system:admin
# Is this the problem: should docker-registry should be running in the 'openshift' namespace?
# If so, where does it say this in the OCP v3.5 documentation?

This means that you hadn't import image streams: https://docs.openshift.org/latest/install_config/imagestreams_templates.html#creating-image-streams-for-openshift-images

Slava Semushin | OpenShift

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