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oauth discoverability

Does the (or is there a plan to make the) OpenShift oauth server support discoverability? 


I'm trying to connect a C# client to my OpenShift API, using the IdentityModel.OidcClient2 library - which by default tries to discover the config for the oauth server. Since I couldn't make this work, I have been attempting to configure the client manually - also without success so far. 

      var options = new OidcClientOptions
          Authority = "",
          ClientId = "dotnet-client",
          ResponseMode = OidcClientOptions.AuthorizeResponseMode.Redirect,
          Flow = OidcClientOptions.AuthenticationFlow.AuthorizationCode,
          RedirectUri = "http://localhost/winforms.client",
          Browser = new WinFormsEmbeddedBrowser(),
          ProviderInformation = new ProviderInformation
              IssuerName = "",
              AuthorizeEndpoint = "",
              TokenEndpoint = "",
              KeySet = new JsonWebKeySet("{\"alg\":\"RS256\"}")

It appears the flow is working right up until the redirect to the client at http://localhost/winforms.client", which fails with a HTTP 502 Connection Failed error. Some other config below. If anyone is familiar with any of this stuff I'd be grateful for assistance :)


    "kind": "OAuthClient",
    "apiVersion": "v1",
    "metadata": {
        "name": "dotnet-client",
    "redirectURIs": [

    "identityProviders": [
        "name": "auth0",
        "kind": "OpenIDIdentityProvider",
        "clientID": "xxxx",
        "clientSecret": "xxxx",
        "login": true,
        "challenge": true,
        "mappingMethod": "claim",
        "provider": {
          "apiVersion": "v1",
          "claims": {
            "id": [
            "name": [
          "urls": {
            "token": "https://xxx.auth0.com/oauth/token",
            "authorize": "https://xxx.auth0.com/authorize",
            "userInfo": "https://xxx.auth0.com/userinfo"

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