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Re: registry.access.redhat.com/openshift3/ose:latest wrongly tagged?

On Wed, May 10, 2017 at 10:39 AM, David Schweikert <david schweikert ch> wrote:
Hi Troy,

On Wed, May 10, 2017 at 09:15:45 -0500, Troy Dawson wrote:
> For the official OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) images, you should
> *not* use "latest"

Thanks for pointing that out, I completely agree that using 'latest' is
not a good practice.

Note however that the official Ansible script to setup OpenShift seem to
use latest, unless you specify 'openshift_version' in the hosts file
(and that you should do that was not obvious to me). Also, it seems that
you need to specify the full version, like, for example.

openshift_version is really a somewhat internal variable, whose outcome is supposed to be determined from openshift_release or other factors. Although some people probably do set it just directly and nothing dire happens.

Did you have...?


> What should you use if you want the latest 3.5 image?
> openshift3/ose:v3.5

How can I specify that for the Ansible scripts? Or should maybe the
Ansible scripts do this automatically?

I think this is what openshift_image_tag may be for:
... however it's not clear from that description whether it's only used for the OpenShift components (masters, nodes, etc) on containerized images, or also configured for the images used in pods like ose, router, etc.

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