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Re: Kubelet & Cadvisor

On May 17, 2017, at 7:37 AM, David Conde <david donedeal ie> wrote:


I am trying to get the DataDog agent working with k8s integration. I'm hitting an issue around cadvisor not being available. I have read that cadvisor is available via kubelet as long as I'm using certs to access it.

Does anyone know what the equivalent of the 2 URLs below are when trying to access via kubelet?  

- /api/v1.3/machine/
- /api/v1.3/subcontainers/

In general I don't think there is anything wrong with accessing cadvisor directly, except that I believe cadvisor isn't exposed from kubelets.... So i think, /stats/summary in the kubelet will externalize some of the cadvisor metrics you want.

The thread below describes the idea behind stats as a  cadvisor wrapper 

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