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Re: Origin 1.5 / Highly Available Router / SSL Cert

You can refer to this doc for setting up a HA router:


To use your own TLS certificates, you can follow the steps here:



On 05/25/2017 02:28 PM, Devin Acosta wrote:
I just installed Origin 1.5.0, and have it functioning. I am trying to figure out two items, the first item is that I noticed it spins up a single "router" instance and depending on where it has moved changes the IP address on me of where to get to applications. I'd like to configure a Highly Available (haproxy) instance that uses VIPs and where I can count on the IP to float around. How can I easily do this, I see lots of various docs but it hasn't been exactly straight forward to me.

Secondly, I have an SSL Signed certificate that I want to use for the Public Interface for HAProxy, how do I best upload the signed SSL cert/key/cafile into haproxy?

Thanks much for your assistance.

Devin Acosta, RHCA

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