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Announcing Telepresence: fast, realistic local development for OpenShift and Kubernetes microservices

Hi all,

Telepresence is a tool we've been working on that lets you expse a local process on your laptop as a deployment in your OpenShift staging cluster.

This allows for fast, local development, where you can manually try out changes to services that depend on other services and cloud resources without having to redeploy a whole new image. So you can do auto-refresh if your web framework supports it, step through code in a debugger, etc.., all with transparent proxying to/from OpenShift.

I just finished writing a new intro tutorial for OpenShift, which is available here: http://www.telepresence.io/tutorials/openshift.html - let me know if you have any questions or problems I can help with.

-Itamar @ datawire.io

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