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Re: import-image from imagestream

Andrew your use-case is perfectly valid and it looks like a missing feature of oc tag.
I've created https://github.com/openshift/origin/issues/14404 to track this issue.


On Tue, May 30, 2017 at 9:52 AM, Andrew Lau <andrew andrewklau com> wrote:

On Tue, 30 May 2017 at 17:46 Office ME2Digtial e. U. <office me2digital eu> wrote:
Hi Andrew.

Andrew Lau have written on Tue, 30 May 2017 02:42:58 +0000:

> Is there a way to import images from an imagestream tag?
> ie. I have an imagestream
> spec:
>   tags:
>   - name: '7'
>     annotations:
>       openshift.io/display-name: Node.js 7
>       iconClass: icon-nodejs
>       tags: builder,nodejs
>       supports: nodejs:7,nodejs
>       version: '7'
>     from:
>       kind: ImageStreamTag
>       name: s2i-nodejs:7
>       namespace: jenkinstests
> If I rerun `oc tag jenkinstests/s2i-nodejs:7 test/s2i-nodejs:7` I
> lose the annotations on the tag.
> `oc import-image` only seems to work on Docker registries, not
> imagestreams

You can't, afaik.

`oc tag ..` is mainly for imagestreams.

When you want to copy the image you will need to do this via docker.

A example sequence can be found in this blog post.


e. g.
1. docker login <source_reg>
2. docker pull <source_pull_spec>
3. docker tag <source_pull_pec> <dest_pull_spec>
4. docker login <dest_reg>
5. docker push <dest_pull_spec>

I'm looking to promote between namespaces, not clusters.

I am referencing from an imagestreamtag. The only way so far I've found to update the tag is to be to tag it again but then I lose the s2i annotations. 

I was just hoping there was a way to bump the last imported (and hence buildconfig triggers) without having to `oc tag` and `oc annotate`.
Best Regards

Aleksandar Lazic - ME2Digital e. U.

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