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Re: ansible with openstack cloud provider

On 03/11/2017 22:24, Joel Pearson wrote:

Are you actually filling in those values with anything?
Yes, all have values, I just didn't want to divulge them.
I setup OpenShift on OpenStack Kilo and I needed to make sure I was using the v3 rc file and I also had an issue with block storage the the OpenStack file which I submitted a patch for.

Are you using this OpenShift on OpenStack repo?


No, the infrastructure is already provisioned. I'm, just using the openshift-ansible/playbooks/byo/config.yml playbook to provision openshift.
The error message suggests that potentially none of the variables have a value so the file isn’t being generated.
Well, they do have values and the file is not being generated. That's what I'm wanting to resolve.

On Sat, 4 Nov 2017 at 5:50 am, Tim Dudgeon <tdudgeon ml gmail com> wrote:
I'm trying to use the openstack provisioning stuff (cinder volumes etc.)
using the Ansible installer.
 From the origin docs key to this is to enable the openstack cloud
provider, which I try to do this this:


But the Ansible installer fails (those being the only changes to the
inventory file that otherwise works fine).
Looking into the journal I find:

28188 plugins.go:115] Couldn't open cloud provider configuration
/etc/origin/cloudprovider/openstack.conf: &os.PathError{Op:"open",
Path:"/etc/origin/cloudprovider/openstack.conf", Err:0x2}

And indeed the /etc/origin/cloudprovider/ dir is empty.

So am I missing something important here?

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