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Re: dns resolution with the ansible installer


I have a similar problem , but mine appears when the S2I container try to push the image, it couldn't resolv the registry hostname.

can you check the resolv.conf file on your nodes and search for a line like this?

"search cluster.local"


2017-10-24 12:55 GMT-03:00 Tim Dudgeon <tdudgeon ml gmail com>:
I'm having difficulty with dns resolution when using the ansible installer in an openstack environment.

Part of the problem is that openstack does not seem able to resolve hostnames on the local subnet and so some tricks/hacks are needed (this is not an openshift issue but if anyone knows how to solve this I'd love to hear!).

However, with those tricks/hacks I end up with nodes that have 2 nameservers defined in the /etc/resolv.conf, one that resolves external hostnames and one that can resolve hostnames on the local subnet.

When the ansible installer runs it first checks that hostnames can be resolved and finds they can. Then it installs everything and part of this is updating the DNS setup so that dnsmasq is installed on the node and the /etc/resolv.conf updated to now contains ONLY the IP address of the node as the nameserver. Consequently it can no longer resolve local hostnames and so the openshift pods can't find each other.

I think what is needed is to tell this installer what other nameservers to put into the resolv.conf?

Any help with this would be appreciated.


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