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External registry and image promotion across projects

We are using Amazon's ECR as our registry and we have a git commit based tagging strategy for images. So far we were using ECS for managing containers and our images would flow in this manner: 

create-image - > tag - $GIT_COMMIT - > Push to registry - > Deploy to integration environment -> test -> push the same tag to QA if tests succeeded -> test - > retag as RC and push to stage environment. 

We are now moving to openshift and trying to map this strategy to openshift. We already have pipelines setup in Jenkins that are pushing our images to ECR. We want to be able to monitor ECR and promote images between projects. However, 

- Using openshift plugins in Jenkins, I do not see an option to map custom tags to image streams. My streams can monitor ECR and pull images if upstream image changes. But the tag remains static ( latest: keeps pointing to update image). Do not have an option to manage custom tags. 

- Also, do not see an option by which we can pass custom tags for deployment configs so that I can update deployment when a particular tagged image changes. 

Is there a way of managing this in openshift? Is there a better way of doing it? Please suggest. 

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