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Re: oc observe quota - double update

Simply ignore status.* and compare old spec.hard.cpu against new spec.hard.cpu.

Em 3 de out de 2017 03:46, "Tobias Brunner" <tobias tobru ch> escreveu:
Thanks for your answer!

On 02.10.2017 23:54, Clayton Coleman wrote:
> You'd need to filter that out in your script - this is just how the
> changes get passed down.

Yeah, I had this idea too, but I think that's gonna be tricky as I
probably would have to compare older states and so forth.

> Generally you don't want to trigger based on changes - but instead trigger on "state"

Could you explain this a bit more? My goal is to record changes to quota
objects in a database and in my impression is that the update trigger is
exactly what I want. What do you mean with "trigger on state"?


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