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Re: Single node cluster

Hi, for non-critical workloads I find `oc-cluster-wrapper` very convenient. You can wipe and recreate installations quickly when needed.

Just make sure you script all post-install configuration like configuring users, etc.

I find it more problematic that if you recreate the cluster you would lose your persistent volumes so highly depends on the use case. And my use case for such configuration is Jenkins slave pods.

I don't know how would you update the cluster when installed with cluster-wrapper.

If cluster is needed for more than ephemeral workloads and experimentation, probably the ansible approach would make more sense.

[1] https://github.com/openshift-evangelists/oc-cluster-wrapper

Tobias Florek wrote on 10/12/17 12:11:

one of my clients wants to use openshift on only one server.
I am perfectly aware that this setup won't be HA and will have downtime
whenever it needs to be updated.

Is there any recommended way to deploy OpenShift? Should one use
openshift-ansible (with a one-host inventory)? Is using `oc cluster
up` possible (with --host-data-dir and --use-existing-config)?

Has anyone any experiences with operating and updating a single node
cluster in production?

Thank you,
  Tobias Florek

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