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Extended build support is being removed - use chained builds instead

After much deliberation we've concluded that the chained builds[1] pattern is a better approach for producing runtime-only application images, compared with the experimental extended builds feature.  As a result, we will be removing the extended builds feature from the v3.7 release[2].

Advantages of chained builds over extended builds that lead to this decision:

* Supported by both docker and s2i build strategies, as well as combinations of the two, compared with s2i strategy only for extended builds.
* No need to create/manage a new assemble-runtime script
* Easy to layer application components into any thin runtime-specific image
* Can build the application artifacts image anywhere
* Better separation of concerns between the step that produces the application artifacts and the step that puts them into an application image.

Because this feature was always marked as experimental, it will not be going through a deprecation phase.

Ben Parees | OpenShift

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