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faulty diagnostics?

I've been looking at using the diagnostics (oc adm diagnostics) to test the status of a cluster installed with the ansible installer and consistently see things that seem to be false alarms. The cluster appears to be functions (builds run, can push to registry and routes are working etc.). This is with origin 3.6.0.

1. This is consistently seen, and a restart of the master  does not fix it. The name docker-registry.default.svc resolve tot he ip address

ERROR: [DClu1019 from diagnostic ClusterRegistry openshift/origin/pkg/diagnostics/cluster/registry.go:343]
       Diagnostics created a test ImageStream and compared the registry IP
       it received to the registry IP available via the docker-registry service.

       docker-registry      :
       ImageStream registry : docker-registry.default.svc:5000

       They do not match, which probably means that an administrator re-created        the docker-registry service but the master has cached the old service        IP address. Builds or deployments that use ImageStreams with the wrong
       docker-registry IP will fail under this condition.

       To resolve this issue, restarting the master (to clear the cache) should
       be sufficient. Existing ImageStreams may need to be re-created.
2. This warning is seen

WARN:  [DClu0003 from diagnostic NodeDefinition openshift/origin/pkg/diagnostics/cluster/node_definitions.go:113]        Node ip-10-0-247-194.eu-west-1.compute.internal is ready but is marked Unschedulable.
       This is usually set manually for administrative reasons.
       An administrator can mark the node schedulable with:
           oadm manage-node ip-10-0-247-194.eu-west-1.compute.internal --schedulable=true

       While in this state, pods should not be scheduled to deploy on the node.        Existing pods will continue to run until completed or evacuated (see
       other options for 'oadm manage-node').
This is for the master node which by default is non-schedulable.

3. If metrics and logging are not deployed you see this warning:

WARN:  [DH0005 from diagnostic MasterConfigCheck openshift/origin/pkg/diagnostics/host/check_master_config.go:52]        Validation of master config file '/etc/origin/master/master-config.yaml' warned:        assetConfig.loggingPublicURL: Invalid value: "": required to view aggregated container logs in the console        assetConfig.metricsPublicURL: Invalid value: "": required to view cluster metrics in the console        auditConfig.auditFilePath: Required value: audit can not be logged to a separate file

Whilst 2 and 3 could be considered minor irritations, 1 might scare people that something is actually wrong.

Also, the 'oc adm diagnostics' command need to be run as root or with sudo otherwise you get some file permissions related errors. I don't think this is mentioned in the docs.


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