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Re: Origin 3.6 update master certificate issue

Yes, I think you'd need to update the cert for the registry console, especially if it's using a reencrypt cert. 

For 3.6 and onwards, we're trying to get components to use the service serving certificate to do reencyrpt (instead of baking a cert) because the router now automatically supports reencrypt to backends that are using service serving certs.

On Mon, Oct 30, 2017 at 12:30 PM, Marcello Lorenzi <cello86 gmail com> wrote:
Hi All,
we tried to use the playbook /root/openshift-ansible/playbooks/byo/openshift-cluster/redeploy-master-certificates.yml to deploy a custom certificates for the public hostname used for the master UI and API, but after the update via ansible the registry console doesn't work.

We tried to restore the previous /etc/origin directory content on the master nodes and all works fine. 

Do we have to configure also the certificate for the registry before this update?


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