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Pushing image docker-registry.default.svc:5000/... failed

I have a clean install, systemctl show no apparent errors, but when trying to build my first app it fails:
Writing lock file
Generating optimized autoload files
Pushing image docker-registry.default.svc:5000/picture-uploader/cam-cli:latest ...
Warning: Push failed, retrying in 5s ...

Registry server Address:
Registry server User Name: serviceaccount
Registry server Email: serviceaccount example org
Registry server Password: <<non-empty>>
error: build error: Failed to push image: After retrying 6 times, Push image still failed

And I may have done something really wrong because 
  oc logs dc/docker-registry 
  Error from server: deploymentconfigs.apps.openshift.io "docker-registry" not found

I don't know where to look, any hint would be appreciated.  I just have a master and a node, I can recreate easily https://github.com/BrunoVernay/VM-images-packer


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