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Re: OpenShift Origin 3.6 + Ceph persistent storage problems with secret



Od: "Piotr Baranowski" <piotr baranowski osec pl>
Do: "users" <users lists openshift redhat com>
Wysłane: czwartek, 31 sierpnia, 2017 20:22:19
Temat: OpenShift Origin 3.6 + Ceph persistent storage problems with secret
Hey group,

I'm struggling a little trying to integrate Origin 3.6 with ceph.
First there are several docs that are not actually in sync and send contradicting messages.


They have slighly different examples on how to set up that integration.

I have an issue:
Creating the pvc automatically creates a PV. 
I see that it was successful: 

date master1.foo.bar origin-master-controllers[26578]: I0831 19:58:45.018017   26578 rbd.go:324] successfully created rbd image "kubernetes-dynamic-pvc-07ef3830-8e76-11e7-80e4-5254000e374d"

I see that that rbd image was created:

[root ceph1 ~]# rbd --pool=kube ls

[root ceph1 ~]# rbd --pool=kube info kubernetes-dynamic-pvc-07ef3830-8e76-11e7-80e4-5254000e374d
rbd image 'kubernetes-dynamic-pvc-07ef3830-8e76-11e7-80e4-5254000e374d':
size 1024 MB in 256 objects
order 22 (4096 kB objects)
block_name_prefix: rb.0.3e0e6.2ae8944a
format: 1

I can create such storage from default project as well as from any other project i want.

However when i try to use it i end up with Creating Container  and state Pending.
date node1.foo.bar origin-node[36836]: E0831 20:16:22.995258   36836 rbd.go:459] failed to get secret from ["foo"/"ceph-secret-user"]
date node1.foo.bar origin-node[36836]: E0831 20:16:22.995296   36836 rbd.go:111] Couldn't get secret from foo/&LocalObjectReference{Name:ceph-secret-user,}
date node1.foo.bar origin-node[36836]: E0831 20:16:22.995338   36836 reconciler.go:308] operationExecutor.MountVolume failed for volume "kubernetes.io/rbd/18573675-8e77-11e7-8a05-5254000e374d-pvc-07e8d3a0-8e76-11e7-94f2-5254008efc4e" (spec.Name: "pvc-07e8d3a0-8e76-11e7-94f2-5254008efc4e") pod "18573675-8e77-11e7-8a05-5254000e374d" (UID: "18573675-8e77-11e7-8a05-5254000e374d") controllerAttachDetachEnabled: true with err: MountVolume.NewMounter failed for volume "kubernetes.io/rbd/18573675-8e77-11e7-8a05-5254000e374d-pvc-07e8d3a0-8e76-11e7-94f2-5254008efc4e" (spec.Name: "pvc-07e8d3a0-8e76-11e7-94f2-5254008efc4e") pod "18573675-8e77-11e7-8a05-5254000e374d" (UID: "18573675-8e77-11e7-8a05-5254000e374d") with: failed to get secret from ["foo"/"ceph-secret-user"]

(the message is for another attempt so pvc-id does not match but that does not matter. Ther error message is pretty much the same for all attempts)

Any idea what's wrong?


Piotr Baranowski

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