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Re: [aos-int-services] Problem about logging in openshift origin

Can you also post the image Tag you are using?  Is this from an OCP based image or upstream images you may find on dockerhub?

On Fri, Sep 15, 2017 at 7:20 AM, Peter Portante <pportant redhat com> wrote:

On Fri, Sep 15, 2017 at 6:10 AM, Yu Wei <yu2003w hotmail com> wrote:


I setup OpenShift origin 3.6 cluster successfully and enabled metrics and logging.

Metrics worked well and logging didn't worked.

Pod logging-es-data-master-lf6al5rb-5-deploy in logging frequently crashed with below logs,

--> Scaling logging-es-data-master-lf6al5rb-5 to 1
--> Waiting up to 10m0s for pods in rc logging-es-data-master-lf6al5rb-5 to become ready
error: update acceptor rejected logging-es-data-master-lf6al5rb-5: pods for rc "logging-es-data-master-lf6al5rb-5" took longer than 600 seconds to become ready

I didn't find other information. How could I debug such problem?

​Hi Yu,​

Added aos-int-services ...

​How many indices do you have in the Elasticsearch instance?

What is the storage configuration for the Elasticsearch pods?

​Regards, -peter



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