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Re: 1.5 Metrics upgrade did nothing to origin-metrics-cassandra

For reference I believe the issue was the presence of Ansible @retry files. The metrics playbook simply stopped after one master and didn't complete the upgrade. I removed the retry files and cassandra was updated correctly.

On 23 August 2017 at 21:05, Lionel Orellana <lionelve gmail com> wrote:

As the last step in upgrading my cluster from 1.4. to 1.5 I ran the metrics playbook.

It upgraded origin-metrics-hawkular-metrics and origin-metrics-heapster to 1.5.1 but not  origin-metrics-cassandra which is still showing 1.4.1. There is a tag in docker hub for it so I was expecting it to be used.

Is this a bug in the playbook? Can I/should I change the cassandra rc to use 1.5.1? 
I am planning on upgrading to 3.6 next so maybe that will take care of it?



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