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Re: How to retrieve session token via rest api?

You can see what commands do by adding '--loglevel 9' option.

    oc whoami -t --loglevel 9

What you will find in this case though is that for that token in particular it doesn't actually make any API calls, as all it is doing is getting it from the ~/.kube/config file.

What do you want to use the token for? There may be more appropriate ways of creating a token you can use.


On 1 Aug 2018, at 2:54 pm, Yu Wei <yu2003w hotmail com> wrote:

Hi guys,

I could get session token via cli "oc whoami -t".

Could I get the same information via rest api?

I tried with api below, however, it returned many tokens.

Is there any method to filter that?

curl -k \
    -H "Authorization: Bearer yqqouu8vFaip9AjMChmcgdtY7AszXMxWWJHwWhpn8Lw" \
    -H 'Accept: application/json' \



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