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Using an external registry for the cluster



I was wondering if it is supported to use a completely external registry (Nexus) to pull and push images? Ideally I would like to have multiple clusters pointing to the same external registry.


I have setup a test cluster “enterprise 3.10.14-1” and specified the following settings in the ansible inventory






This seems to work fine for installing the cluster. Next step I tried to create a new app from nodejs which failed as the image streams tried to pull from an internal registry which does not exist


NAME             DOCKER REPO                                                 TAGS                         UPDATED

dotnet           docker-registry.default.svc:5000/openshift/dotnet           1.0,1.1,2.0 + 2 more...      17 hours ago

dotnet-runtime   docker-registry.default.svc:5000/openshift/dotnet-runtime   2.0,2.1,latest               17 hours ago

httpd            docker-registry.default.svc:5000/openshift/httpd            latest,2.4                   17 hours ago


The master-config.yaml points to the internal registry



  internalRegistryHostname: docker-registry.default.svc:5000


I tried to change that to nexus.example.com:8500 but am getting an error when trying to pull an image


# oc logs api-4-build

pulling image error : unknown blob

error: build error: unable to get nexus.example.com:8500/openshift/nodejs sha256:7b26a9d8ace47e939a9fcdca61620dbe47d1b936e68983e252cca50991704c7c


Manually pulling from that registry on the node works though


# crictl pull nexus.example.com:8500/openshift/nodejs sha256:7b26a9d8ace47e939a9fcdca61620dbe47d1b936e68983e252cca50991704c7c

W0808 08:53:09.780779   31667 util_unix.go:75] Using "/var/run/crio/crio.sock" as endpoint is deprecated, please consider using full url format "unix:///var/run/crio/crio.sock".

Image is update to date for nexus.example.com:8500/openshift/nodejs sha256:7b26a9d8ace47e939a9fcdca61620dbe47d1b936e68983e252cca50991704c7c


Any help would be greatly appreciated.








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