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Re: Modify webconsole configmap


I installed the service-catalog, then the template-service-broker. This caused the services to be exposed using the clusterserviceclasses in the service-catalog.

I edited the apiserver-config cm in openshift-template-service-broker adding an additional project/namespace for templates and image streams. But it takes a while until the additional templates are reflected in the service-catalog.

I tried restarting the tsb pods, but this didn't reflect the additional services from the new project. When I down/up the cluster, the additional templates are reflect in the service catalog.

Also waiting for a while causes the additional templates to show in the service catalog.

My question: how does the service catalog gets the updates from the template service broker?

On 08/11/2018 06:14 AM, Ahmed Ossama wrote:
Hi Everyone,

I am running `oc cluster up` as an all-in-one OpenShift c3.10 cluster for dev purposes on the webconsole. Everytime I edit the configmap/webconsole-config in openshift-web-console, it gets overridden by the default configmap. I traced down the issue to the fact that the webconsole is running as an Operator.

My question is: how do I modify the configmap of the webconsole when it's being controlled by Operator?

Ahmed Ossama

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