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Re: Modify webconsole configmap

Thanks David. It worked!

So is openshiftwebconsoleconfigs.webconsole.operator.openshift.io a resource defined specifically using Operator?

The documentation https://docs.okd.io/3.10/install_config/web_console_customization.html#loading-custom-scripts-and-stylesheets needs to be updated to reflect this change.

Another question, when adding new templates and making them availble through the webconsole, is it prefereable to have them through the service catalog via TSB or through an additional extensions script in the webconsole config?

On 08/13/2018 03:12 PM, David Eads wrote:
Feature! :)

Because it is operator managed, you need to edit the config leading to the operator.  Try `oc edit openshiftwebconsoleconfigs.webconsole.operator.openshift.io` and update the spec.config to what you need.

On Sat, Aug 11, 2018 at 3:54 AM Ahmed Ossama <ahmed aossama com> wrote:
Hi Everyone,

I am running `oc cluster up` as an all-in-one OpenShift c3.10 cluster
for dev purposes on the webconsole. Everytime I edit the
configmap/webconsole-config in openshift-web-console, it gets overridden
by the default configmap. I traced down the issue to the fact that the
webconsole is running as an Operator.

My question is: how do I modify the configmap of the webconsole when
it's being controlled by Operator?

Ahmed Ossama

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Ahmed Ossama

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