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Re: Modify webconsole configmap

On Mon, Aug 13, 2018 at 10:21 AM Ahmed Ossama <ahmed aossama com> wrote:

The documentation https://docs.okd.io/3.10/install_config/web_console_customization.html#loading-custom-scripts-and-stylesheets needs to be updated to reflect this change.

Hi, Ahmed. The customization doc assumes you are using an Ansible install rather than cluster up where you would edit the config map directly.

Another question, when adding new templates and making them availble through the webconsole, is it prefereable to have them through the service catalog via TSB or through an additional extensions script in the webconsole config?

I'd recommend adding them from the template service broker. To force an immediate update, you can edit the broker and increment `relistRequests`.

$ oc login -u system:admin
$ oc edit clusterservicebroker template-service-broker

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