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How to avoid upgrading to 3.10?

I use ansible to deploy OpenShift. All of my current deployments are 3.9 and I'd like to stay on 3.9 until we can do enough testing on 3.10 to be comfortable upgrading.

Can someone point me to any documentation on how to avoid the forced upgrade to 3.10 when I deploy a new instance of OpenShift? I currently checkout release-3.9 of the ansible scripts:

git clone https://github.com/openshift/openshift-ansible
cd openshift-ansible
git checkout release-3.9

My inventory has the variables


and yet I get the error below. How do I stay on 3.9?

Failure summary:

  1. Hosts:    ph-dev-pshtest-master.pdx.hcl.com, ph-dev-pshtest-minion1.pdx.hcl.com, ph-dev-pshtest-minion2.pdx.hcl.com, ph-dev-pshtest-minion3.pdx.hcl.com
     Play:     OpenShift Health Checks
     Task:     Run health checks (install) - EL
     Message:  One or more checks failed
     Details:  check "package_version":
               Some required package(s) are available at a version
               that is higher than requested
               This will prevent installing the version you requested.
               Please check your enabled repositories or adjust openshift_release.

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